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Jonathan's Journal
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Below are the 11 most recent journal entries recorded in Jonathan's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, January 12th, 2000
8:41 pm
I need a vacation. Simple as that. I'm thinkin about just hopping on a plane and heading somewhere new. I did that once before; got up with a hangover, drank a couple vodka drinks and took off for Chicago. Kinda stupid since I only stayed at O'Hare long enough to buy some t-shirts and a slice of pizza. Maybe I'll just go catch a Stars road game and stay gone just a day or two. I wonder if we play the Blackhawks anytime soon...
Saturday, January 8th, 2000
9:08 pm
...cont'd... am not about to march my happy ass over there spewing " can you rebuild my machine because I'm an idiot please". It just ain't happenin'. Been a couple days since I updated this bad boy. I finally got a couch, ent. center and a giant-ass TV, woo-hoo! Now all I need is love, money, and success and I'll be all set. Seriously though, I'm going to retire at twenty-five if I can get a few million put away. Problem is that I keep sharing with everyone and I end up broke all the damn time. I'm not bitter, just stupid and starting to regret it. Brouhaha
9:04 pm
Well my rent is eight days past due now and I just blue-screened my NT box. Damn. I could use a beer. The problem is that the only systems person working today is about the finest looking woman in the world and I
Monday, January 3rd, 2000
8:08 pm
Well I had a sub-par New Year. I did get to watch some TV which was a lovely change of pace...uh, yeah. Fairly uneventful day here in the Garden of Good and Evil. The beautiful unseasonally mid-60s degrees has departed leaving an unexpected 48 currently. This sucks because I forgot a coat and I need a cigarette in a bad way. Eh, what the hell..
Saturday, January 1st, 2000
5:29 pm
Happy New Year? I'm not sure yet. The Hogs won and that's the best way to start any year, in my opinion. I don't like looking down the barrel of an entire year though. It would please me just fine to get things going mid-March.
Friday, December 24th, 1999
8:21 pm
I can't wait for the Y2K stuff to be over and done. December just isn't doing anything for me this year. Once again I come to the table (or tree, as the case may be) bearing only a couple of really impersonal and lame presents for my family. Tomorrow is going to be rough. Wake up early as hell and then work until ten? That's gonna suck gopher nads. Oh well. The problem is that I don't really know if my boss has family or not, so there may be nothing stopping him from showing up and disrupting naptime in cube-land. Anybody else really annoyed about the Cowboys right now. Those sorry Redskins are going to take the division now because we can't play clean, score points, or not turn the ball over. We had the numbers in every column today except the final score. Boo.
Thursday, December 23rd, 1999
1:14 am
I've forgotten to update this guy for a few days. Not too much to say. I haven't worked in days. Lot's of alchohol; hello, New Years resolution. Actually, that is my resolution for this next year. I'm throwing in some stipulations, just because I like drinking so much. One of those being computer meltdown; I'll be out of a job. I think if there's an act of terrorism in North Texas, that one may be another loophold. If the market goes down, I suppose I'll be pretty bummed, so that should definitely be an excuse. What else? Eh, who knows...
I wonder what the terrorists are actually going to do in the new millinium. Nothing, I'm guessing, but if I was a terrorist, I'd either jump the gun and do something around Thanksgiving or wait until a few weeks after the New Years. I mean, these psychos probably have kids that will want to watch the parades. And they obviously can't do anything during the Sugar Bowl, I wanna see if Va. Tech is for real. I don't get terrorism. Think about it! All it really does is make people hate you and be scared of you. Nothing really gets done in the way of releasing political prisoners or giving you some land, so what's accomplished by bombing things. I don't know about the rest of you but I personally think it goes without saying that you're going to be scared of people with bombs, unless you have more...WHICH WE DO! They can bomb a building-we can blow up their entire country, or dune, or whatever. Oh well, Happy New Years.
Sunday, December 19th, 1999
10:53 pm
Geez, what a day. Need strong drink. Six hundred emails later I'm finally headed home. Spam really gets to be a headache when you have several hundred addresses. I found some pretty funny sites recently that we were all hamming it up over pretty good. Jailbabes.com. This site is insane; the girls (mostly dancers or prostitutes) put their picture, stats, likes, dislikes, RELEASE DATE, you know the usual stuff you want to know when meeting someone new. Some of these are quite ridiculous though, for example, one girl actually said, "I'm looking for a handsome man who is patient..." Now, when a person already knows that their partner won't be out of the pen for four years, I think it's fairly reasonable to assume they are in no huge hurry. Another actually uses the fairy tale approach and says she wants her Knight in Shining Armour to come rescue her.....You might want to check with the armed guards first, guys, 'cause I hear them bullets hurt like hell. These girls must be getting a nice chunk of the profits from that thing because even when you get out, your new husband is prolly gonna take you to a castle of Chainlinkfenceintheyard belonging to the Earl of Hillbilly. If I was a girl, this is the type of skeleton I keep in a storage shed in Jersey where nobody but the PO would know to find it. Anyways, I'm gonna go get tanked.
7:30 pm
I like the Holidays, I really do. I have to say, though, I'm kind of relieved that I'm working on Christmas. Kind of a blessing actually, how the hell was I going to vodka my depression season woes away at my parents house. Honestly I think most people get bummed out this time of year because it's fashionable; you know, unless you get canned on Christmas eve or something. I like the people who go overboard with the stereotypes, like with the 300,000 volt frontyard North Pole/Manger scene, the musical underpants and sweat shirts, you probably know the type. These are the people that really keep the rest of us in the "mood" of the season. I'm one of those "cram your entire Christmas to do list into a 23rd of Dec. WalMart venture" people. I really don't mean to be. I actually spent three hours at the mall the other day and I have to say, I only bought one bottle of perfume (Pleasures, for obvious reasons) and a bowl of soup. I'm amazed at the horrible things that happens at these malls. I realize it's an old topic, but those perfume people are really tough. Navigating the fragrance and makeup section is seriously a challenge. There was actually a kareoke STORE in there although there was only one customer to go in and sing in the three hours I was at the mall. This guy was singing the entire time with a couple of benches of horrified shoppers with jaws dropped, scared white at the spectacle. My take is, if you're going to have kareoke, you gotta have booze. That's what I don't get about Dallas malls; they should treat them more like airports. Let's have some bars, eh people! It would seriously boost the economy (atleast for one day) as the soccer moms accidentally get their hands on a glass of wine, stroller in tow, and start brandishing that plastic for the big boys..."Honey, when did you spend a zillion dollars at Gymboree, Foley's, and Joe House of Drinking?" That's about all fer now.
6:58 pm
Note to self: don't hit enter until your done with entry or you may look really stupid.
6:57 pm
First entry. Doing so by suggestion of another user in Cali.
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